Whisky & WhelksIt’s important to soak up one’s surroundings in every way possible when travelling. Therefore, on a recent trip to Lagavulin distillery on Islay, we absorbed the isle’s offerings in more ways than one; whisky swilled around in our mouths, oysters and crabs in our bellies, sea salt in our hair and peat in our boots.  The trip was rather scientific too.  Not only did we learn all about whisky making at Caol Ila with Billy Stitchell and at Lagavulin with Georgie Crawford, we also tested the theory that spirits and seafood don’t mix by sailing the shores of Islay immediately after lunch.  All passengers disembarked the boat feeling fine. We would have felt right as rain had our charming guest, Douglas Blyde, not motored through the waves with such vigour. Many thanks to Douglas Blyde, Neil Davey, Andrew Webb, Ben McFarland & Tom Sandham for making the trip marvellous.

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