Yesterday found us at the wonderful Good Life Eatery surrounded by a stellar round up of fellow diners enjoying a healthy discussion on the ins and outs of today’s health topic du jour – sugar.


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The breakfast was hosted by Nick and Camilla Bernard from Rude Health who certainly knew how to get things going.  The conversation whizzed through a host of topics from agave to ‘zero’ drinks.  An emotive and wide ranging debate, the conversation could have gone for hours.


The brains round the table ranged from Women’s Health writer Amy Grier, author and health coach Laura Bond, blogger of the moment Ella Woodward, creator and founder of Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett and yoga guru and nutrition coach Jo Arthur.  Also represented were REN skincare by Marielle Alix, Trekstock and journalist and author Nicole Mowbray and Waitorse Kitchen’s Eleanor Maidment.


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After establishing everyone’s personal stance on the topic, the discussion veered from how different sugars break down and affect the body to immunity and disease and the current state of consumer awareness.  Cutting out vs. cutting down vs. replacing refined with natural sugars was a particular focus.


However different everyone’s opinion, the thing that united everyone was a commitment to better education and to encourage people to think harder about their sugar consumption and alternatives. It’ll be a long road, but with more discussion like this and brands and influencers getting behind the issue we can move in the right direction, one step at a time.


After enjoying our delicious ‘clean and lean’ breakfast we stepped out into the sunshine feeling energized and inspired, definitely up for more debates, discussions and eating right.

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