Take one urban retreat, a bunch of literary foodies and a pinch of 80’s glamour and you get The Novel Diner’s latest pop-up, American Psycho. Brainchild of the endlessly talented Mina Holland and Claire Coutinho, The Novel Diner aims to transport its guests into the pages of each book with a combination of costume, set design, music, food and drink.

Last night saw Shoreditch House transformed into an 80s throwback as New York glamour was created in the Biscuit Tin bar. With profane crosswords, porn and videotapes piled high on each table, Bateman’s world was brought to life. Guests were welcomed with a Hardbody cocktail and Cajun popcorn, whilst they schmoozed amongst shoulder pads, brief cases and big hair.

The extravagant twelve-course menu brought spoils from the coolest hang-outs in town- from Dorsia to Pastels and Texarkana. Highlights included Pulled Pork and Lime Jell-o on Cornbread, The Dorsian Ceviche and Peanut Butter Soup with Smoked Duck “a playful but mysterious little dish”- New York Matinee.

As cocktails were sipped and business cards swapped, Whitney Houston took to the stage to perform a rendition of Bateman’s favourites. Finishing the night with Urinal Cakes from Patrick’s bathroom and a quick sniff of sherbet, we emerged back into 2012, excitedly anticipating what they’ll do next.



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