A post-war restaurant in Soho is the setting of  Arnold Wesker’s classic ensemble piece, The Kitchen. As dawn breaks the caretaker sleepily lopes in, lighting the gas stoves that will roar throughout the day. From this solitary scene, the characters start to appear amid the clamorous exchange of banter. Amongst the staff, a new chef from Ireland and glamorous hostess. Both are introduced to this maddening world through an exciting display of the fast-pace kitchen routine. Amidst the commotion a romance is flowering between Peter, a high-spirited cook and married waitress, Monique. As the play nears the interval the speed, noise and synchronicity within the kitchen increases culminating in a deafening silence as the lights go down.

The second-half proves a more reflective affair, with Peter dreaming of a better life, far from the heated kitchen in Soho.

Blackly funny and at a furious pace throughout, The Kitchen is an exciting insight to the workings of a hectic London restaurant.


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