With the cupcake industry still booming, it’s no surprise that newcomers are fighting for their place at the top. Rumour has it that the cupcake really has lost its crown, but who has stolen this impressive title as The Confectionary Queen?

The Cronut, from Dominique Ansel Bakery in Manhattan’s Soho neighbourhood, has been in high demand ever since its very dramatic entrance on to the confectionary scene. With only 200 of the croissant/donut hybrids made a day, and a limit to two per person, the bakery has a constant queue of people trying to get their hands on one – and there is now even a ‘cronut black market’!

If you aren’t planning to hop over to New York anytime soon you may be able to find a cronut in disguise (Zonuts, Frissants, Dossants, Cro-Nots, Dough’Ssants) in your local bakery very soon. If you want to have a go at making them yourself we love this Lemon and Vanilla Fauxnut recipe from Edd Kimber who thinks, ‘Cronuts definitely seem to be taking off…’

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 15.45.04

Ed Kimber’s Fauxnut


Marshmallows, no longer just available in pink or white flavour, are also becoming much more than just an indulgent topping to your hot chocolate. Artisan marshmallows have been named the new trend for 2013, and after our first taste this week we may have to agree. We were lucky enough to meet Smart & Simms, the clever ladies behind The Marshmallowists at Taste of London. Their flavour and colour combinations are endless, from strawberry and basil to passion fruit and ginger – our favourite had to be blueberry and gin (obviously)! It’s even catching on over the pond, ‘Tart’ and chef at 3Tarts, Maria D’Urso, told New York Times that ‘marshmallows are the new cupcakes’.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 15.41.17Blueberry & Gin from The Marshmallowists

Before we start to list all of the office’s favourite indulgent treats (which would take a very long time), only time will tell if the iconic cupcake has been overthrown…

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