Arise, Lady Lucy.

Sadly I’m not the Queen. If I were, high up the honours list would be my friend Lucy who has just magicked Chicken Shop ( into existence up in Kentish Town. Obviously there was a great team involved, and in her interviews she’d give them full credit.

However, to all intents and purposes, her boss said ‘it’s all about chicken, I want a chicken restaurant’ and she made it happen. So this review is heavily biased. But the facts speak for themselves: free-range chicken, carefully seasoned, steamed and spit-roasted over wood for £14.50. A Whole Chicken.



Add some decent chips, buttery corn on the cob, jug of house wine and a tip and you are done at £35 for 4 people. It’s fast, buzzy and yet comforting all at once. I defy anyone not to come out of there with a big grin on their face.


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