In November 2012, Johnnie Walker hosted the first Art of Blending, an event to illustrate the beauty of blending, organised by Story PR.  The hero of the evening was master distiller, Dr. Jim Beveridge. Dr. Jim has worked for Diageo for over 30 years. Other blenders presenting workshops included the mixologist Nick Strangeway, tea blender Henrietta Lovell, Chocolatier Chantal Coady, Perfumer Angela Flanders and the baker, Edd Kimber.


The evening was a celebration and an exploration of blending. Each blender demonstrated the ways in which blending is integral to their trade, and how these craftsmen create blends with a unique signature, each greater than the sum of their parts.

Guests were divided into groups and attended six 20-minute workshops from each of our blenders.  It was hectic, but educational, and they were treated throughout the evening to the delights each blender had to offer:


Edd Kimber presented his passion fruit, chocolate and coffee macarons.


Dr. Jim Beveridge took guests on a journey through the building blocks of Johnnie Walker.


Angela Flanders talked through the components of her perfume Aqua Alba, a perfume based on the notes of whisky.

Chantal Coady demonstrated the construction of her extreme canapé which was chocolate matched with different cheeses.

Henrietta Lovell ran a comparative tasting on different blends of English breakfast tea

Nick Strangeway held a hand-on workshop of cocktails he had created inspired by his fellow blenders.

The evening was held at Six Fitzroy, a beautiful house in Fitzroy Square, London, which we decorated with fruit, flowers and candles. Guests enjoyed canapés by Ottolenghi.  Hopefully we will have another Art of Blending in 2013!



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