Mexican food is my weakness, so when I was asked to check out Café Pacifico, London’s original Mexican cantina, I was running for my Sombrero.


The minute I stepped inside there was a buzz in the air, and rightly so. Looking around the restaurant I felt I had been transported to Mexico itself, the walls were loaded with authentic posters and signs, which my friend noted gave a feeling of being on a movie set, “in one of                                   those restaurant scenes”.


The main lunch menu provided a variety of traditional Mexican dishes, from ‘Quesadillas Especiales’ to ‘Chicken Chilaquiles Verdes’, however I was there for a taste of 1982. In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Café Pacifico were going retro, with the original menu and prices from their opening year.


For starters we had Nachos, covered with melted cheese, pimientos and jalapeño chiles and guacamole dip with corn chips. For main course I tried chicken tostadas, something I had never sampled before, while my friend had roast beef Enchiladas. The presentation exceeded expectation as did the fantastic flavours.


Sitting back and contemplating my surroundings post-meal I realised people weren’t coming here for the cheap Mexican food fix, not matter how tasty it is, they were coming here to get lost from the daily grind in the fun Mexican atmosphere. Over the 30 years since Cafe Pacifico originally opened in a Banana Warehouse, they have established themselves as a good value mexican experience that’s been popular with Londoners and tourists alike. It truly shows the passion that has been here from the start, as the dishes that graced the opening menu are still well received today along with their now world famous food and drink. As we left, my friend and I were quick to arrange a second escape to Mexico.


Fiona McDonald

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