Ben Spalding’s pop-up restaurant at the Street Feast food festival in Haggerston has just wrapped for the summer and Story PR went to the final Stripped Back on Friday last week. Diners were promised a tasting menu, “with surprises” and the menu changed each week.


The menu last week was designed like a line on a tube map and the first stop was “wonton”. One wonton between two appeared on our convivial long tables; yellow, shiny and looking a bit paltry for a first course. The enthusiastic staff then swept round with baskets of sourdough and we were encouraged to spread “wonton” on our slices. Course 1: bread and butter “surprises”.

We were then confronted with a bottle with squirt attachment, the kind usually seen in American ice cream shops to dispense whipped cream and our place settings were squirted at with some sour cream which was then topped with dark chocolate shavings. These two ingredients went so well together and we were then encouraged to dip skewers of pickled apple and mushroom in the sour cream and dark chocolate mixture, which we were already dipping our fingers in. Oops.

The meal continued like this; clever, fun, exciting – skate wings with shaved asparagus was delicate and fresh; quail with “twiglet dust” (ground twiglets) made me giggle like a little girl and the puddings were so delicious I want to keep them to myself.

We’re looking forward to hearing about Spalding’s next move and trying to get a table.


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