Sipping tequila?Last night we enjoyed a veritable treasure chest of tequilas at Wahaca Soho with some of the top drinks writers in the industry.  Thanks to the Mexican Tequila Board, we were able to taste many brands that had never been outside of North America.  Out of a selection of 11 tequilas, we chose our top three brands and feel all the rosier for it!

More tasting sessions will be held with the Wahaca online family and the plan is to keep their bars stocked with a rotating list of unrivalled tequilas to help support Mexico’s smaller producers.

If you fancy doing your own taste test our 3 winning favourites were:

Anejo: Tequila Fortaleza

Reposado: Tequila Espinoza

Blanco: Tequila Tromba


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