Dr. Morgaine Gaye’s presentation on the future of health was a great place to start my exploration of IFE 2015. As she spoke it was impossible not to notice that we were surrounded by garish incarnations of many of her former trend predictions coming to life from sugar free indulgence to water with benefits.

One of the key observations was about the rise of the double breakfast. We’re a nation of grab and go-ers –few households sit round the table having cereal together any more. What’s become clear is that the first thing coffee shop/running out the door fix just isn’t hitting the spot. Hence the hobbit-style ‘second breakfast’ that presents a huge opportunity for brands to sell us all kinds of products in an attempt to fill the hunger gap.

Double breakfasting has had a knock on effect on what time eat throughout the day, too. Lunching later means we work and eat our evening meal later and maybe even sleep later – we have compressed eating occasions into our increasingly busy lives.

If that’s all old news now for Morgaine, what’s next? My favourite trends include:

Premium for Purity: As we care more about what we eat, we’ll be happy to pay more for it – which is just as well because prices will shoot up anyway.

Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: ‘Unclean’ ingredients and phony health claims will be no more. Consumers will want to know exactly what’s in things and what it’s doing to them, and brands will have to eventually oblige.

Survival of the fittest (and best prepared): After decades of short cuts we’re finally ready to get self-sufficient again – because you never know what’s round the corner…

Quantified self 2.0: Fitbit’s just the beginning, we’ll lean on technology to tell us what we need. And maybe even make it part of our bodies…

Functional food: Taste is boring… it’s about the added benefits.

Texture lab: Cutlery and glassware will adapt to change our perception of what we eat and how much we enjoy it.

The kitchen as pharmacy – ‘let food be thy medicine’. Perhaps the most encouraging prediction of all… let’s hope it comes 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 5

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