Salad daysAfter a fine on board picnic of Scrimshaw’s Pork Pies and Sipsmith, the foragers gathered at Riverford’s farm, hoping for good weather. And so we found ourselves standing in a dingly dell, eating a wild garlic frittata made with our pickings, and discussing how food always tastes better outdoors. Giles Coren once described his lunch at the Riverford Field Kitchen as the ‘lunch of his life’. To find out more of what we all ate, see here Eat Me magazine and here In pursuit of food and here Food For Think and her Essex Eating and here Elly Pear. Special thanks to Douglas for gamely taking on the challenge of driving our rickety red van.

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  1. Sarah Kemp

    This was an utterly fantastic trip. I had the best time and I was even telling my fellow diners at lunch today how fantastic the food at Riverford was. I hope to go back next summer! Sarah x


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