Preserving has suddenly become the coolest thing to experiment with in the kitchen. From Diana Henry’s ‘Salt, Sugar, Smoke’ book, to Meat Liquor‘s deep-fried pickles, it’s taking London by storm.

Armed with a recipe from Anna Colquhoun (Culinary Anthropologist and Riverford pickling guru) I tried my hand at Marmalade and Preserved Lemons, following a very successful batch of pickled cucumber pre-Christmas.

Both recipes are easy to follow and perfect for any pickling novice. Once getting my head round the basic ingredient pitfalls (don’t buy salt with anti-caking agent) it all fell nicely into place. First the oranges, wrapped in a neat muslin bundle, were out on the hob to simmer for an hour. Meanwhile I switched preserves and started squishing eight salted lemons into one Kilner jar- no mean feat. Preserved Lemons look great and are so simple to make, all I need to do for the next few months is shake it every so often to dissolve the salt. Easy.

The marmalade, again, is a straight forward recipe that’s easy to follow. Watching Guy Watson’s YouTube masterclass certainly helps and it was no time at all before my housemate and I were carefully checking if it had reached setting point.

 Jarred up, the marmalade has a wonderful colour and tasted absolutely delicious on a couple of slices of buttered toast. The only downside was a text that came from my friend Callum, “I swear you’ve aged over 20 years…”. Oh well, secretly I think it’s quite cool.

2 Responses to “Preserving the Weekend”

  1. Anna Colquhoun

    Delighted you like the recipes and have caught the preserving bug! Lots more you can try as the seasons progress…
    Little tip: To avoid all your peel floating at the top of the marmalade jar (your pic has given you away there), let the mix rest for a few minutes in the pan before pouring into jars.


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