I have a confession to make. I have secretly known about coconut’s health and wellbeing benefits for a while… Over a decade ago I asked a friend why her hair had the shiny gloss of a shampoo advert. She told me her Mauritian grandmother rubbed coconut oil through the ends and left it in overnight. A visit to a specialist food shop later and I smugly joined her in having beautifully tamed hair too. But the secret is out. Someone told the wrong person and now EVERYBODY knows how amazing coconuts are. So now that my “Oh, my skin and hair have always been this soft” cover is blown, I will (begrudgingly) share five tips with you, for getting into coconuts.



1) Co Yo Yogurts

These rich creamy yogurts are filling and most importantly dairy free. My pick is the mango one for a satisfying breakfast. And when summer finally comes, I’m looking forward to sharing tamarind Co Yo ice cream with my lactose intolerant best friend. No more death stares from her as I guiltily nibble a cornetto. Phew.

(Waitrose, Planet Organic or Whole Foods, RRP £1.99)


hair pack

2) Palmers Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

It’s a bit of a mouthful to pronounce but well worth using. For hair that needs a little extra care, apply once a week after you have shampooed and watch your wild mane turn into glossy well behaved waves. My Mauritian Nanna would be proud.

(Superdrug, £1.99 for 60g)


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.15.32

3) Coconut & Macadamia Bounce Energy Balls

Gluten free, tasty and packed with protein and flavour for when you’re on the run and need a tasty healthy snack. Plus they are already a little squidgy, so no need to worry about them taking a battering in your bag.

(Available from Tesco’s Nutri Centres – and the free-from aisles in select Tesco stores nationwide – or Holland and Barrett stores)


vita coco oil

4) Vita Coco Coconut Oil

The raw cold pressed coconut oil that all the health magazines have rightly gone crazy about. Use it for cooking, put it on your skin and hair; it’s pretty much for anything you can think of.  Smear onto feet, put on socks and leave to reveal super soft and smooth feet.

(Tesco, £5.99 per tub)


And finally…



5) The Real Deal

Because you simply can’t beat the joy of fresh coconut water. In Brick Lane, East London during the summer, an unnamed stall appears near to Cheshire Street.  Once you’ve queued, the owners (armed with scarily sharp machetes) will not only prepare a water coconut for you, but will also hack it in half for you to eat the flesh afterwards. If you simply cannot wait till summer, check out Cocoface for freshly ordered coconuts to your doorstep via Ocado.

(£2.99 each, ocado. Or visit to place a bulk order)


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