Thomasina Miers
With the introduction of grasshoppers on Wahaca’s Southbank menu, ants gracing Noma’s Claridges pop-up, Pestival insect–eating festival just round the corner and the future of food firmly in everyone’s minds following ‘that’ scandal, our attention has been drawn to the western perceptions surrounding insect-eating.

80% of the global population happily consume insects on a daily basis, however the UK, along with various other Western countries, still struggle to get past the ‘yuck’ factor.  Maybe it’s the image of Ant or Dec giggling over a plate of meal worms on ‘I’m a Celebrity’, that’s given entomophagy a bad name. It’s ironic, considering we think nothing of slurping oysters, needling a whelk or de-heading a pint of prawns.

The UK has many herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and even newly labelled locavores, but is there room for arthrovores*? With seriously low levels of fat and high levels of protein, insects might just be the lean protein source obese Britain needs.

So, go Wahaca! And for anyone who thinks that this is a hop in the right direction for food production and consumption, visit their South Bank restaurant throughout March to try their Chapulines Fundido (grasshopper salsa and melted cheese) and vote #ChapulinYES!

*fictional –vore coined by Story PR

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