I had been desperately trying to find an excuse to visit Meat Liquor, the name alone suggesting a winning combination, so when an old uni friend suggested eating out, I jumped at the chance to finally visit it.

We decided to start with the ‘dangerous’ House Grog, which comes with a safety warning, whilst we mulled over the mouth-watering menu. Meat liquor is what it says on the tin: the menu literally is meat and liquor.


We both opted for the most popular burger, the Dead Hippie, onion rings and fries. The food was served on a canteen-style tray, and despite my friend managing to eat most of the paper serviette under her burger, it was a low-key and efficient way of presenting the food, with not a cardboard burger box in sight. The burger was flavoursome, juicy and ridiculously messy. The onion rings were possibly the largest I’ve ever eaten; the fries were perfectly skinny and crisp.


Meat Liquor is the epitome of fuss-free eating, no cutlery, plastic bottles of ketchup and mustard on the table and everyone crammed on to tiny tables. The atmosphere can only be described as ‘cool’ with dim lighting, graffiti on the walls and Dead or Alive droning in the background.



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