It’s a popular pastime of chefs, journalists, scientists and PRs alike to predict what’s going to be the next big thing in the food world. We’ve seen burgers grown in labs, insects hopping on to menus and fruit that looks like fruit but tastes like meat. Confused? Inspired by a recent article from William Sitwell and The Food People (trend analysts) here’s the low down, so you too can get ahead of the curve.


According to The Food People, the following things are what we’ve been going crazy for in 2014 so far:



So, what’s up next?


1. Raw milk

Apparently no one drinks carton milk from the supermarket anymore. The dairy free market has grown by 155% in the past two years and it’s now the done thing to substitute the white stuff for drinks made of almond, oats, soya, rice or coconut. Check out Rude Health for some of the best out there. However, for those who are still drinking milk it has to be raw, with it’s health giving benefits, easy digestion and rich taste. You can pick it up at most food markets in London. But don’t, whatever you do, try and get it in Scotland, where it’s still illegal to sell.


2. Hipster lemonade

Move over aperol, campari and alcoholic ginger beer. Hipster lemonade brand Stellacello, made in East London with grapefruit and spices, is the newest pour of choice. William describes it as “bright orange, sweet and dangerous, like an on-trend Oompa-Loompa”. We’re sold.


3. Coconut yogurt, hell, coconut everything

Like milk, dairy yogurt is being banished from the fridge. Coconut yogurt is vegan (the trendiest of the trends), gluten-free and preservative-free. The go-to brand is CO YO, which comes in several flavours (and also has an ice cream). But the coconut fad doesn’t stop there, coconut oil is billed as the healthiest around – great for hair, skin and cooking. Just visit Madeleine Shaw or Ella Woodward’s websites to see how best to use it. As well as this, coconut milks like the new Coconut Drink from Rude Health, are steadily creeping onto every health conscious twenty-something’s shopping list.


4. Everything Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern food is a bit of a moment. From the huge success of Sabrina Ghayour and Honey & Co’s new books, to the ongoing love for Ottolenghi and the launch of Soho’s latest hotspot, The Palomar, serving food inspired by modern-day Jerusalem. Middle Eastern anything is here to stay, and we’re on board.


To read William’s full article click here.


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