A few weeks ago we travelled up to Kings Cross to check out Grainstore, the hotly anticipated new restaurant by Chef Bruno Loubet and the team behind The Zetter Townhouse. It did not disappoint.

Hoping to create a new dining and drinking destination through an eclectic menu showcasing Loubet’s love of travel and fresh seasonal vegetables, Loubet has worked with pioneering drinks creator Tony Conigliaro to pair cocktails to his menu.

Loubet aims to make vegetables a starring role in each dish – or at least provide the often neglected ingredients with an equal amount of attention. With this in mind, we began with a selection of delicious starters, including potato and rye bread, seaweed butter, oyster and borage leaves and courgette, broad bean and prawn falafel. Both dishes were fun, bright and beautifully presented.

We then ordered a selection of mains to sample, including the wonderfully flavourful butternut squash ravioli, with sage, mustard apricots and pumpkin seed oil; and the spiced mash, mint pickled cucumber, raw pink turnips, broad beans and the perfectly cooked confit lamb belly. It was wonderfully fun having so many tasty ingredients on one plate – and we think that’s one of Loubet’s aims: To create an enjoyable and fun dining experience, with great food and drink.

The cocktail matches were interesting and thought provoking – we spent most of the evening matching the surprisingly delicate truffle martini to a plethora of dishes.

All in all, we’re looking forward to going back and grazing some more.


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