So it’s technically a week or so after the Glorious Twelfth, but an absolutely delightful dish enjoyed at The Harwood Arms this week has inspired a quick post on this tasty, gamey and glorious bird.

Jostling for airtime alongside his pheasant, partridge and mallard friends, Mr Grouse’s short season marks the start of a wonderful time for produce.  With our gamey birds we’ll enjoy bountiful, colourful vegetables, stewed and roasted much like the spread at The Harwood Arms which also featured the poor beast’s heart on a liquorice stick, the leg as a confit and a cup of stock ‘tea’.

Grouse is quick and easy to cook, either as breast pieces fried quickly or roasted whole.  A fruity jelly or sauce works as an accompaniment to the bird’s savoury richness.  Juniper’s the done thing but get creative with some interesting berries (lingonberries if you’re feeling Scandi) and lay some top quality bacon on top.

Borough market’s experts suggest this year will see a good number of grouse reaching our butchers and as a result they should make for decent great value dinner party staples.

If you’re after the best places to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s grouse cookery, it would be a crime not to mention game emporium Corrigan’s.  We also expect The Jugged Hare, Wilton’s  and Rules to do it serious justice.  Bibendum and Cinnamon Club are offering very special grouse and game menus too.  No excuse not to get out and glorify that grouse this season.

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