Yes, Sainsbury’s Christmas aisle has been operational for weeks, we’ve all seen that penguin ad and sparkling wine’s on offer but don’t panic, IT IS STILL ONLY NOVEMBER.

However, if you’re really going to steal a march on santa and embrace your own inner domestic goddess this year, one thing you do need to think about soon-ish is prepping your Christmas pud.

Next Saturday, 24th November traditionally marks ‘stir up Sunday’, the date when the whole family takes a turn stirring the pudding mix before the pudding is prepared and stored. The pudding is left in a cool dark place to mature and absorb all the lovely flavours, ready to become that completely unnecessary but oh so necessary rich finisher on the 25th December.

So you’ve got a week, right? Actually, perhaps not. If you want to make like Delia and Mary to get the whole dish boozed up to the max you’ll need to get those currants steeping in luscious liquor, pronto.

Decisions, decisions…

The family will be expecting trad, so you’ll be in safe hands with Delia’s traditional pudding recipe with the customary brandy.

However, if you want to shake things up a bit for a foodie crowd, it’s worth considering Nigella’s Ultimate Christmas pudding with Pedro Ximinez and vodka.

Unsurprisingly for the relative of a well-known chef who quite likes Italian food, Jamie’s nan likes it with vin santo.

Get inspiration from the Caribbean by using rum

Pud-fection? Delia's traditional Christmas pud courtesy of

Pud-fection? Delia’s traditional Christmas pud courtesy of

Or if you’re busy this weekend and the next however many ‘till the big day – there’s always Waitrose.






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