Copyright Lakeland Limited

Copyright Lakeland Limited

It’s a thing of beauty all year round, but at Christmas Lakeland really comes up trumps with the catalogue to end all catalogues.

While you’re still in the phase where Christmas shopping seems alluring and exciting, here  we present five of our festive favourites.

1. A set of hemisphere cake pans, from £3.29.
You really, really need these. Ok you don’t. Maybe you do…

2. Thermospatula, £14.99.
For those domestic goddess resolutions, chocolate, jam and yogurt making become a breeze with this majestic gadget.

3. Dimpled Bund Mould, £19.99
Eastern European baking never looked so good. Gugelhupfs at the ready.

4. Russian Doll Cookie Jar, from £15.99
Cute as a button.

5. Perfect Drink, £59.99
This clever little thing links into an app and WEIGHS your cocktail ingredients to a perfect finish every time.

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