Through the porn shop, past the bondage mannequin and down the stairs to a cave-like restaurant. The La Bodega Negra experience begins when you dare yourself to go through the inconspicuous entrance.

It is candle-lit and bubbling with conversation, a bold and striking atmosphere, which has drummed up much attention since opening a few months ago.

The food itself is flavoursome and presented creatively, the tacos served in the Mexican equivalent of a toast rack. Despite the wonderful interior and fantastic atmosphere, I couldn’t help but be slightly underwhelmed by the food. It does everything right, but lacks the ‘wow factor’ which would be expected following the hype. It’s not an expensive restaurant per se, a small plate of seared steak tacos costs £6.50, but I know that if I were to venture further afield I could find the same quality for better value.

Having said that, the restaurant and the experience it provides is enough in itself to garner much success and popularity and is a fantastic spot for a Friday night.



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