The token American here, with my first blog post as a part of the Story team. As the intern, I was very excited to be given the opportunity to head out and have a good tasting of Mexican food at everyone’s beloved Wahaca.

Having been happily and quite greedily nibbling away at the endless supply of samples in the office, my plan to tackle Wahaca’s menu was no different. Enlisting the support of two hungry man friends, chosen for their large stomachs and strong livers, we set of to Wahaca’s new Charlotte Street restaurant in search of some proper spice and mezcal.

Feeling wonderfully important, we surpassed the queue and ordered three different drinks- the hibiscus, tamarind and jasmine tea margaritas.  Although it was a close call, the tamarind was deemed the winner for its different and refreshing flavor and perfect tanginess. They went quickly, to say the least. Onto the food! We decided to order only street food so that we could have as wide a range of sampling as possible. Ordering all of the tacos, the ceviche and chicken guajillo tostadas, marinated chicken taquitos, chipotle chicken quesadilla and both specials- one fried octopus with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce and a Mexican style beetroot and goats cheese salad, I felt fairly certain that my “mates” and I would feel quite sated.  However, after consuming the aforementioned in record speed, we discovered that we just could not bring ourselves to stop.  Not only was every little taco or piece of deliciously crispy and smoky chicken taquito scrumptious in itself, but when eaten with Wahaca’s signature hot sauces they are absolutely addictive.

After placing multiple orders for both food and drink, we carried our swollen bellies up the stairs for some mezcal. We decided to try the ForeverOax and Dei Maguey, which was recommended by our waiter downstairs as the smoother of the two. With the smokier richer flavor I found that I preferred the ForeverOax, although the partiality was minimal.

In an attempt to keep my composure, I decided to forego more mixed mezcal drinks and, calling it a night, said farewell to Wahaca if only for the weekend, before my return for Start the Week breakfast 72 hours later!

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