Attending a book launch for Sarah Bridge’s fabulous new book about the perils of dating in your late 30’s,, had left us hungry on the Strand. Opera Tavern delivered two barside seats and (weirdly) a bowl of mixed salad within five minutes of sitting down. Apparently thin people sometimes eat salad first to help them not eat the proper food. This salad was so well dressed it turned out to be a great start to a small plate meal that left us satisfied – rather than still slightly hungry at the end. Duck confit with pomegranate was treacly and tart all in one go. Lamb cutlet led to a polite fight over who could swipe the last morsel. Puddings made you smile, instead of wish you’d had another plate of ham as sometimes can happen with tapas. There’s lots going on in each dish, and they all worked. If someone took me there on a date they’d score a 10 for excellent taste in restaurants.

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