A few of the Story team members are Brixton locals, so we are no strangers to the delights of Brixton Village. Last weekend, however, I headed to the Village for something slightly different at the Brixton Backdoor Kitchen. This Italian pop-up supper club has been enjoying a three-week summer residency at Cornercopia, sadly now finished but hopefully due to return next year.

The event is sponsored by Aperol Spritz, meaning they have a fantastic aperitivo menu full of light and fruity cocktails. We kicked off our meal with a couple of these before ordering a very reasonable bottle of chilled prosecco. We were seated on long tables which gave the event a really informal and sociable feel, and food was served on large communal platters. The portions were rather ungenerous – my partner was horrified to discover that the plate in front of him was to share – but compensated for quantity with quality.


Whilst waiting for other diners to arrive we began with a plate of king prawns on a bed of lentils, cooked to perfection and just enough to whet the appetite. Two further seafood courses followed. One of mussels and clams with a broad bean salad cooked in Fino sherry with garlic and thyme, and another of a whole ‘polpo’ tentacle on fresh bread with cabbage, delicately arranged on a plate splashed with saffron alioli and squid ink mayonnaise. The octopus was perfectly tender, which was somewhat of a pleasant surprise to me, having had dubious past experiences with this dish…

The unparalleled highlight of the meal was the ‘Iberico Estilo Gringo’; melt-in-the-mouth Iberico pork cheeks served with spinach and caramelised onion. Dinner was rounded off with a refreshing Campari and orange sorbet.


We certainly weren’t disappointed with the food or the atmosphere; as usual the Village was buzzing and it was a great opportunity to meet other diners. I would certainly recommend heading to a local supper club if you love to try new and surprising dishes, and don’t mind sharing both your plate and personal space! Head to Edible Experiences or London Pop-ups for suggestions of events in your area.

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