One week: two taverns. Each very different and yet much in common; attention to detail everywhere you care to scrutinise, great service and food you can’t wait to eat more of.


Tavern one, Merchants, in Shoreditch with the eclectic mix of scoffers that entails. Mr Blythe unobtrusively working his magic around the floor as some seriously fine but unpretentious food makes its way to us. Hogget broth was my dish of the night.


Tavern two, Berner’s, off Oxford Circus with a decidedly more Euro vibe inhabitants-wise. Amazing room: designed to make you look and feel 100% more fabulous, everyone bathed in golden light and candles. Fregola with lamb marrow is unmissable. Plus a transcendent riesling that could pour its honey on the most troubled of souls. A magical night.



Whichever god of dining said ‘taverns are next’ was right.


Put both on your wish lists today.


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