Last Wednesday, with mouths watering and bellies rumbling, we headed down to the opening of Wahaca on Southbank. Situated in pride-of-place Wahaca’s striking new build, created from eight recycled shipping containers, draws the eyes upward to its perching point on the Queen Elizabeth Hall Terrace.

On arrival we decided to prep our palates with a few Mexican cocktails before taking our seats for some authentic street food. This proved a perfect way to start the evening; with an open-air upper deck for both seating and eating, by the bar. Wahaca’s upstairs level offers some majestic views across the river towards Somerset House and St Pauls.

With the sun setting, we took our drinks inside the packed restaurant. First up: tortillas with the famous chunky guacamole. Under the influence of our knowledgeable waitress we then ordered Chorizo and potato quesadillas, the British steak burrito and grilled corn on the cob from the main menu. Desperate to try ceviche for the first time we ordered the salmon ceviche salad and also some carnitas tacos from the brand new specials menu, which will be updated every month.

In keeping with the street food structure the dishes arrived staggered. The quesadillas were punchy and the burrito succulent, both accompanied by corn on the cob, slathered in Crema Mexicana and soft Lancashire cheese. The ceviche was tangy and tender – complemented by the tamarind margaritas that were keeping us cool in the evening heat. The carnitas were tantilisingly fresh, wonderful traditional Mexican finger food!

Although bulging and full we finished the evening with some churros, unwilling to accept defeat.

Despite not being able to book ahead, a short stint in the queue is well worth the wait for a fun filled unique experience. Wahaca’s newest family member offers an alternative dining experience not to be missed.


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