The forecast’s mixed – if you need warming up why not try a pimped-up Yorkshire Pudding @ the Hereford & York residency at Harvey Nichols.


Happy Chardonnay Day.  Celebrate this sensational grape variety (we’re over the stereotype) in the only way possible – by grabbing one on the way home.  A personal favourite (Alex) is Au Bon Climat’s Wild Boy.


We’ll be paying a visit to sample some of Scotland’s finest at Dram & Smoke in Vauxhall.  Open till 6th July.  Everyone needs venison and deep fried Mars Bars in their lives.


The long awaited fully interactive Olive magazine app is finally ready to go.  Featuring videos, product tips and recipes galore it’s a must have for summer cooking inspiration.


You might think it’s the end of porridge season but have you met ‘summer porridge’ aka Bircher muesli?  Rude Health is proud to present its shiny new soft and fruity bircher (alongside a delicious coconut drink and very special drinking oats) just in time for the lighter months.



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