The most fascinating 2016 food and drinks trends you’ll read

Friend of Story PR and regular contributor to the blog, Douglas Blyde, gastronomy consultant extraordinaire, is back again with his round up of the most insightful food and drinks trends for 2016 from his mates in the industry. First up, these crystal ball predictions into what we’ll be eating and how…

What we’ll be eating:

‘2016 will be the first year London doesn’t look to the USA for inspiration.’
Chris Pople, Writer, Cheese and Biscuits –

‘More natural cooking – the end of sous vide at last!’
Ben Tish, Salt Yard Group –

‘Burmese cuisine will make a slow-burn impact amongst the food-appreciating public helped in part by the focus on democracy rearing its head in Myanmar. And for what it is worth, London’s most underrated chef, Ben Spalding (ex-Roganic) will bring something new to table.’
Grant Hawthorne, Chef, consultant and producer –

burmese cusine 2

‘We’ll be chewing our way through a whole lot of “unusual grains” like buckwheat, teff and millet. The mania for cauliflower and charred foods shows no sign of abating, and I think Eastern European food may well be the new Scandi (though Korean has still to make it as big as it has threatened to for the past few years). And Sicily. I think everyone will be talking about Sicilian food by next summer; granita and cannoli and agrodolce flavours.’
Felicity Cloake, Guardian


‘More weird fish on menus – sustainability ever more important.’
Leslie Williams –

‘Crab is the new lobster.’
Lucy Shaw, Drinks Business


‘The food and drink cultures of the eastern Mediterranean – Athens to Beirut – really come to fore and in doing so celebrate with gusto, the heritage flavours, the fun and generosity of spirit in the region.’
Michael Karam, Wine Writer –

Beirut food

‘Less use of red meats and nitrated products, nutritionally balanced high end cuisine and possibly mindfulness-based environments – where the restaurant experience is about being focussed on the food.’
Robert Clayman, Lusso –

How we’ll be eating:

‘People taking shorter lunches to commute out of London where property is better value.’
Julia Stafford, Wine Pantry –

‘Amazon will deliver your lunch.’

amazon delivery

‘Constantly evolving technology with apps offering delivery options from some of the best restaurants in town sees a change in the restaurant scene.’
Antonio Favuzzi, L’Anima –

‘UBER style dining – picking you up then taking you from restaurant to restaurant.’
Richard Siddle, Media Consultant –

Watch this space for more in the next couple of weeks for more 2016 predictions on the look of the dining scene and forecasted trends in the world of booze…

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