The most fascinating 2016 food and drinks trends you’ll read


Douglas Blyde is back with part two of his 2016 food and drinks predictions from the best in the industry, covering how restaurants and bars will look and more importantly what and how we’ll be drinking…


The Look:

‘Out with old school wooden chairs, concrete floors and tiles, in with carpets, drapes and cushions. The model for all openings will be Oslo Court (St. John’s Wood). In a related trend, sales of Claret, Port and brandy and sodas will go through the roof..’
Henry Jeffreys, whose book ‘Empire of Booze: How Britain Created the World’s Finest Drinks’ will be published autumn 2016 –

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‘Dress code will come back – see Park Chinois and Sexy Fish.’
Brian Clivaz, Restaurateur, L’Escargot –

‘By-the-glass Champagnes will be poured at table from magnum. This will add theatre whereby other tables might have a “When Harry Met Sally” moment on seeing this.’
Simon Stockton, Sugar & Yeast –

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‘Wine bars and sommeliers to the fore. Wine as the new cool and funky wine bars – see Noble Rot, Sager and Wilde.’
Ben Tish, Salt Yard Group –

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What we’ll be drinking:

‘More discussion by customers on what deals they find through wine clubs and openly taking £9 Champagne to a house to show off as a find. And English wine by the keg, such as Bacchus (available as part of our OW Loeb on-tap range).’
Julia Stafford, Wine Pantry –

‘Greece sets the pace. Let’s remind everyone, with as many indigenous grapes as we can muster, where the stuff came from! And we need to get over our aversion to aniseed-based eaux de vie and recognize their real palate cleansing versatility.’
Michael Karam, Wine Writer –

‘Rise in Cava, offering a range of ageing levels up to ten years for the very best and nine different grape varieties not just the one like Prosecco.’
Richard Bigg, Camino –

‘With the continued growth of American and Mexican culinary influence and millennials increasing taste for a distinct, premium, versatile spirit they can call their own, 2016 is shaping up to be very good year for tequila.’
Pat Farrell, Red Dog Saloon –

‘People will be more open about Sake.’
Elyse Li, Japan Gourmet (UK) –

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‘The true revival of mead, spurred on by Games of Thrones – both near, and as a component of a cocktail. And an increase in venues that specialise in one cocktail.’
Lucy Shaw, Drinks Business –



BYO or to-go:

‘More craft beer bottle shops with the option to drink-in and refillable “growlers” to take away.’
Matthew Hickman, writer –

‘More shelf space dedicated to premium bottled cocktails. Cocktails have become as much a part of consumer drinking habits as wine and beer, so it’s no surprise that they are thirsty for a quality take home option.’
Pritesh Mody, World of Zing –

‘BYO wine. Whatever a customer’s motivation for wanting to bring their own bottle, many restaurateurs have responded to the trend, such as: Chiltern Firehouse and The Square.’
Stephen Williams, Antique Wine Company –


What’s happening to our wine lists?:

‘Shorter, focused wine lists presented over one or two pages; it doesn’t mean less interesting.’
Tanguy Martin, UK Sommelier of The Year –

‘Rise in restaurants brave enough to have no wine list at all but to find out what you are ordering, ask how much you want to pay and then choose the wine for you.’
Richard Siddle, Media Consultant –

‘Scratch and sniff wine lists.’
Douglas –


Here’s to a great 2016!

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